It’s been 3 years since I started drawing this comic, so it’s time to write a new introduction!

It begins with a prince waking up in a foreign land. Slowly, the circumstances leading up to this event are revealed. There are many details in the early chapters that will gain significance as the story unfolds. Ideally, the entire story should be read in one sitting (though that won’t be possible for a more couple years)!

When I first posted this story on Tapas I put it under the “fantasy” category, though on hindsight it’s probably more of a sci-fi story. Then again, there’s no category this story really fits into, because it’s a little bit of everything I like.

This tale will take around 16 chapters to fully relate. Then again, I once thought that I could finish telling the story in 7 chapters! Yes, the story does have a very definite ending, and I’m working towards it, page by page. I’m really excited about showing you how it all pans out — and I hope you’ll stay with me till then.

April 2018